Hassle-Free Caring for Home Stone Floor

Hassle-Free Caring for Home Stone Floor

Do You Need Stone Floor Care?

Stone flooring in all sorts of colors and designs can add value to your house as well as express your own decorating style. To ensure that your stone flooring retains its beauty, you’ll need to carefully take care of it with the right floor cleaning products at the right time. Having a variety of chemicals available for indoor and outdoor stone surfaces that look new despite pets’ presence, Cheetah Floors Care has products that serve many purposes for maintenance in high-traffic areas. Highlights of our flooring care starter kit, swivel head grout brush, and more are available to customers within our fully stocked catalog of high-quality stone care tools.

Stone surfaces must be treated carefully, and you should always make sure that the chemicals you utilize are strong enough to remove any dirt and stains but mild enough that they will not harm the stone. CFS has developed stone cleaners using premium active ingredients that are safe for cleaning your floors. The liquids contained in the cleaners calmly absorb spills so that cleaning up afterward is as quick as possible.

The stone cleaner produced by CFS leaves a soft, nonslip film. This allows the use of items such as rugs, placemats, and nonslip rugs on stone floors. Microfiber cloths or soft, natural cloths that won’t harm the stone can be used to cleanse your stones with these softer, alkaline products. Do not use vinegar or other harsh acids on your natural stone surfaces because that’s likely to cause damage.

Complete Stone Care Starter Kit

The Complete Stone Care Starter Kit gives you access to a beautifully clean, tranquil ambiance in your stone and tile bathroom. This kit is more than at home in the shower and can benefit from use in natural stone basins as well. The products in this shower bar will make quick work of scrubbing whisking away hardened minerals, grout, and mildew, making it easy to keep your entire restroom clean. A free grout brush and bonus 32-ounce spray bottle are also offered. This kit features:

  1. A quart of MB-9 Mold and Mildew Remover
  2. A quart of MB-5 Stone and More Multi-Surface Spray cleaner
  3. A quart of MB-3 Soap and Mineral Deposit Remover
  4. A quart of MB-1 Floor Amore 1-Step Cleaner

Floor Amore

Floor Amore is designed to stop your natural stone floor from cracking and absorbing moisture. This all-natural formula contains organic salts that guard your rock floor against cracks in direct sunlight and will not lose any of its visual appeal at night. The 1-Step cleaner is a slightly alkaline cleaner that removes stains and does not need to be removed afterward. It effectively removes dirt and does not leave any dirty residue behind to dull the shine of stone surfaces. It works on marble and granite and can also be used on ceramic or hardwood surfaces, leaving a hard surface that is not harmed by water with a natural, streak-free finish.

AIRx Spray N Go Disinfectant

In a hospital or clinic, if you have pets or have stone floors, instances may arise when you will require disinfectant in your cleaning process. The AIRx Spray N Go Disinfectant is ideal for cleaning and deodorizing hard, non-porous surfaces quickly. Its convenient spray makes it simple to keep medical surfaces clean while eliminating odors. This spray destroys microorganisms on soft surfaces and can be used on drapes, curtains, blinds, and daycare mats. You can use it on your gym bags and restaurant surfaces. It kills Staph in five seconds and eliminates the most harmful microorganisms in two minutes. When you are ready to clean soft furnishings on or near stone surfaces fast, this is the ideal solution.

TrueKleen Liquid Ice Melt

TrueKleen’s Liquid Ice Melt helps to thaw accumulated ice and snow and keeps it from accumulating on sloped surfaces in the future. It does not leave an unsightly film, either, making it the perfect choice to use for freshening the outside of your property to keep your gazebo and other outdoor areas looking their best. Liquid Ice Melt breaks down the ice within 20 minutes so that you can remove the ice with a shovel or other tool.

Floor Care Gift Basket

Beautifully packaged inside a durable woven bag with a bow, the ground care gift basket will delight a neighbor, family member, or friend who is a landlord. This kit introduces your tenants to the local CFS stone care clinic line and includes the following other items:

  1. A basket to hold your supplies
  2. A small cutting board
  3. An MB stone microfiber towel
  4. Blue microfiber towels.
  5. A 32-ounce spray bottle
  6. A grout brush
  7. A quart of MB-15 Stone Glow Hard Surface Cleaner
  8. A quart of MB-1 Floor Amore one Step Cleaner

This beginner’s package makes entertaining the plates simple and easy so that your loved ones can gain access to the opportunity to experience the comfort of keeping their floors looking good with MB surfaces. The packaging makes it easy for anyone to receive it, even those that want to give their floors a revitalizing new look.

Carlisle Swivel Head Grout Brush

To prevent corrosion and oxidation, the Carlisle Swivel Head Grout Brush uses combination tile cleaning. To remove stains from tiles that are difficult to reach, this Brush is able to maneuver smoothly through small crevices. It has a sturdy durable construction that can effectively stand up to rigorous demands.

The Carlisle Swivel Head Grout Brush has bristles that are made of strong yet flexible nylon so it will not scratch your beautifully tiled floor. You can customize the brush s length since it is made for you to easily attach any handle you want. You can easily scrub any stone walls or large hallways without exerting excessive strain on your shoulders and arms.


The Carlisle Swivel Head Grout Brush has lightweight bristles that are produced from tough yet flexible nylon so that it can withstand tough tumbling and will not damage your beautiful surface. You can select the length of the floor brush according to your personal preference, and you can easily scrub the stone wall and large hallways by dispensing with the additional workload on your shoulders and neck.

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