13 remodeling ideas that will help your basement better

13 remodeling ideas that will help your basement better

Your basement is raw, unfinished, and has so much potential. So what are you going to do about it? Since it’s just a shell right now, or partially finished at the very least, you have a mostly blank canvas to work with right now. You could put in the time, effort, and money into making it awesome, but everyone needs an end goal to work towards. These basements remodel ideas to give you a vision, something to think about and weigh your options in terms of price, work, and how long it’s going to take. If you really want to make the most out of your basement, it’s time to take a look at what you could do. It’s time to make a decision.

1 Bar And Billiards

Maybe you spent time by yourself in your basement as a child, or you want to recreate that nostalgic bar atmosphere in your own home: either way, now is your time.

You can completely transform your basement into a great bar scene by going minimal, woody, and rustic. By rustic, I mean earthy, partly unfinished, but nevertheless secure.

Bars aren’t generally fashionable, although their aesthetic may depend on how much rough and worn they seem. It’s a great way to falsely imitate the style of your own basement.

2 Full Media

Most people would like to upgrade their TV sets and play games on their 4K entertainment systems, and they wish to make their basements into entertainment hubs just for their families. Converting your basement room into a media space is not going to seem like a lot of trouble, and it will give your family a chance to spend quality time together in a positive way.

You want to display flat lines and cool colors, like light gray or dull blue, on the screen. This is the perfect opportunity to use your DIY knowledge to build a set to fit your home entertainment system and media players.

To create an open storage area, you can use a white expanse with some decorative wall components on the other side of your media cabinet. That way, you can install a video projector so that the partitions of the room remain clear.

3 Gallery

If you display your high school accolades here, they won’t be just stuck on a hook anymore. It’s a space to place them in specific decorative settings along with other things that you enjoy and that mean something to you.

Show off family photos, whether they are paintings, photos, or another medium, in a nice place on your walls, or turn them into paintings framed by a professional artist.

4 Library

For many people, having a library at home is a dream, but it usually only ends up as a few bookshelves that gather dust. Basements are notoriously dank areas, however, if you carefully clean the area, you can turn that area into an indoor escape.

You have to install an integrated dehumidifier to keep the room temperate and maintained at the right relative humidity. This is an excellent opportunity to maximize the use of glass-door bookshelves and built-in units, making use of some soundproofing to block the walls and create a reading nook.

This room could be an ideal place for your children to study, or you may get 30 minutes of time to relax and do whatever you like.

5 Entertainment Space

Speaking of entertaining guests, the space need not be a bar. It may be an ideal location for accommodating your loved ones following meals have been had their superb function. It’s his or her go-to location under which to relish the arrival of a new baby in the family (provided your basement is indeed spacious).

You could also consider providing a very high seating area as well as a table and chair area. You could also have a bar, but you could have it supplied in the form of a couch, chair, and coffee table to give folks the option on how they want to be seated. Your home would therefore be much more functional with such a set-up.

6 Game Room

Whether it’s for teens or the kids, you’re in a position to put a shelf in or the PC gaming system, however, in the end, the emphasis is to get it to be a fun place. Game consoles, PCs, board games, a pool table — there’s a lot you can do here. You can think of it as an idea.

If you’re interested in creating a game room, you will likely desire darker colors to ensure there are no glaring lights or glares from the background (PC/TV gaming) and window blinds if you have windows that peek aboveground. So there’s absolutely no reason to not at least have an LED strip lighting and background for the streaming space at the time of this writing.

7 Toy Room

If you’re choosing between this place and something else, this location may not be the most exciting thing to you or your significant other, but it could be a great option for your children. It offers under-cabinet lighting, a lot of overhead lighting, built-in toy boxes, and many cushy floors.

You can make so many wonderful memories in this room, but realize that sooner or later, your youngster will outgrow it. Think about ways to make it a versatile area so that you may use the space for many years to come.

In the meantime, consider that your children have a bunch of friends with no interest whatsoever in built-in playhouses, ball pits, and other similar things. It provides them with a talking point.

8 Workshop

If the garage isn’t working, then your workshop ends there. You’ll still need to take precautions in case of emissions and other hazards that you should avoid, so keep that in mind.

Ceiling fans, accessorized workshops, and more effective airflow will help you wind up your sessions if you configure your basement workshop. Setting up a soundproof room is preferable if you will be completing loud work.

They don’t need to be uber finished; you can leave some rough ones completely if you wish, but the most important point is to ensure all tactual devices are functional.

Make sure your space has a strong fuse box, and place exit signs near staircases and areas where you may be running around if you have little kids living on the property.

9 Office Workspace

Remote and mobile workers are becoming more and more common. Freelance and remote positions are widespread things, and in all of that, it is vital to have a dedicated workspace free from distractions.

If you are at home with your spouse, you cannot be content to just have a laptop in a comfortable chair at the back of your kitchen counter and hope to get anything done. You need to set up a designated, distraction-free work area.

Soundproofing will be important and will be important as you intend to set up an office workspace in your basement. It will require lots of attention to detail, so it’s essential not to try cutting corners as is possible.

At the end of the day, it should appear as if it had been rented for space—clean, clear, easy to think and work in.

10 Home Gym

The expenses of a home gym in terms of equipment and supplies are high, but there are a number of other things to take into consideration as well, like the floor, the mats, the ventilation, dehumidification, and so forth. Setting up a home gym is not the easiest project, but you must keep in mind how effective you’ll be at it.

As long as you have sufficient accessories, home gyms give you the option to opt out of the subscription fee and only work out at home. You don’t want to commute for your workout, and you don’t have to pay any monthly facility fees. With respect to the tools, you may even save in the long term.

If the goal of your investment takes a few years, then you could take the space that your home gym becomes afterward and return it to its previous use.

11 Bowling Alley

Remember when you were a child and you thought it would be cool to have a bowling alley in the basement? Well, now you can. It’s quite easy to set up your own bowling alley if you have the essential skill to place some plywood down, create your bowling alley walls out of plywood, and place the pins in such a way that your bowling balls don’t damage the drywall.

The benefits of owning your own bowling alley are that you can select one, two, or more lanes to fill based on your space and how much work you wish to put in.

Of course, you don’t have to build or buy a custom bar counter in order to rent shoes from or be assigned seats beside these hideous balls, or even return the ball when required—this is likely all you need, especially if you’re going to do some candlepin bowling instead of bowling in the bowling lanes.

12 Prepping Basement

Have you ever started growing your own food? How about storing it? Are you a fan of prepping and preserving water, emergency rations, and 72-volt batteries all arranged in one single unit?

You can stay prepared to deal with mishaps, relax during moments of panic, or simply tend your own backyard when sitting around your basement. This is a good spot to create a culinary area, can, jar, or dehydrate your own nourishment.


The space here is enormous, and there are lots of areas available for storage pantries, deep refrigerators, and storage space for the non-perishables and staples that you run low on.

For any food storage area, you want ventilation to prevent the development of mold, as well as humidity control to keep your food items fresh, all of which can be added to your renovation.

13 Extended Master Bedroom And Suite

Just lack the whole house to fit that California king-sized bed you always desired? Most people don’t have that much space, but you can turn your basement, or at the very least half of it, into a bedroom best suited for royalty.

You’re most likely to do this with your wife in mind in order to make something in there that she knows she’s going to enjoy. There are many options for this, among them is making a master suite that features a sitting area and a storage area for your spouse, flanked by the master bedroom and a master bathroom with a jacuzzi tub.

I’m saying this investment isn’t cheap, and you’re certainly taking these challenges into consideration with all the wiring and plumbing currently in place, but this may be the most optimal addition to your residence: hear me out. You would be adding one bedroom and one bathroom to your property.

If you intend on staying put for the long term or just want to entertain the idea of selling your house, you should not disregard the weight that remodeling your bedroom can add to the value of your home. Even if you’re not planning on moving anytime soon, you might be surprised to learn how installing a master bathroom in your bedroom will increase its selling price significantly. Adding onto your basement, too, can significantly increase its benefit to any potential buyer.

Make It Your Own

It might be time for something different—there’s nothing wrong with that.

Whatever modifications you choose to make to your cellar space will depend on your effort and hard work. Knowing the right codes to plug-in electrical outlets, installment plumbing, and information regarding flooding (not everyone is eager to put in the work necessary for Mother Nature to destroy it) can elevate your satisfaction.

You’re now able to turn all that unused storage space in your rolling tool chest into something useful by bringing in your ideas.

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